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10 Proven Ways To Ask For (And Get) More Good Reviews

10 Proven Ways To Ask For (And Get) More Good Reviews

Have you ever wondered what makes a customer choose your business over a competitor’s? Chances are it is the one aspect of marketing you feel least in control of: online reviews.

According to one report, 85% of customers trust online reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations – which means that every happy customer who is willing to express their satisfaction publicly can have the same impact as a friend or family member who recommends their favorite salon, grocery store, or latest appliance purchase.

In addition, 2 out of every 3 consumers report that positive online reviews are one factor they consider before visiting an online store, and 73% of consumers trust a business more deeply after reading a positive review about that company.

The bottom line? Positive customer reviews can drive business to your company. And, while you may not have given much thought to them, there is one tried and true way to get more reviews: ask. Here are 10 tips and best practices to improve your process of asking for reviews for your business.

1. Adopt multiple approaches

About 67% of customers who are asked for a review are willing to provide it – and asking for reviews can boost responses by 600%. What does this mean for your business? The more you ask, the more you will receive, in reviews and in new customers.

As a result, try to ask customers for a review in as many different ways as possible. Here are some ideas:

  • Ask customers when they check out.
  • Send emails with links.
  • Include review requests in newsletters and marketing materials.
  • Ask for reviews on social media.
  • Include review requests on your product packaging.
  • Create a review landing page.

The more ways you can ask for reviews, the more customers you reach, and the more feedback you will receive.

2. Incentivize reviews

People like to be rewarded for what they do and leaving reviews is no different. About 55% of people who do not leave reviews say they would do so if they received an incentive for leaving their opinion of a business.

Incentivizing the review process can be as simple as giving the reviewer a discount after leaving a review and as complex as running a giveaway based on reviews. Here are some ideas for turning review giving into a rewarding experience for your customers:

  • Make leaving reviews a way for loyalty program customers to earn points.
  • Create a giveaway where leaving reviews earns customers entries.
  • Email customers discounts after they leave a review.
  • Include review requests on receipts and invoices.
  • Request reviews over text message.
  • Place review requests on a customer’s order history.
  • Ask for reviews on social media.
  • Create a landing page where customers can leave reviews on specific products.

3. Simplify the process of leaving a review

Customers are busy, so streamline the process of leaving a review. Not only will they be more likely to leave an online opinion of your business but they will also appreciate the fact that you value their time.

Try these ideas for simplifying the review process:

  • Create a shortcut link to review pages and include it in your communications (Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc).
  • Allow customers to leave multiple reviews at once.
  • Use QR codes on marketing materials and products to link to review sites.
  • Put the review form inside an email.
  • Include a review request form within product pages.

When customers can leave a review in just a few minutes, and with just an extra click or two, letting the world know about their positive experience with you is an easy decision for them to make.

4. Follow up with your request

Sometimes, your customers will need a little reminder to leave a review. You can politely offer this reminder as part of a post-purchase email, or even as a quick text message a day or two after their purchase. Always include a link to a review form so customers can quickly leave their thoughts and get on with their day.

You can also request reviews over social media: Keep an eye out for people who are saying positive things about your brand or who are talking about purchasing your products, and respond with an invitation to leave a review (and a link to make it easier for them to access a review form).

5. Interact with customers’ reviews

Asking for reviews is the tried and true method for earning more online feedback from your customers. However, you can also encourage reviews by showing an active interest in the reviews that customers are already leaving your business.

Consider online reviews as part of an ongoing conversation with your customers – And jump into the conversation with responses to reviews. Even just a simple “thank you” message to customers who leave positive reviews can make customers feel as if your business really cares about their feedback – And that will encourage them to continue leaving their opinions about your business online.

Just don’t forget to also respond to negative reviews, because customers need to know that you care about everything they have to say about their experience with your business.

6. Give away product samples

Depending upon your business, giving away product samples can be a smart way to earn new customers. You can send customers physical samples of your products, or you can give them a coupon for the items you want them to sample.

In order to generate maximum feedback from this strategy, try taking these steps:

  • Tell customers you want their feedback on the product.
  • Tell customers where to go to leave a review.
  • Include a link to the review form, if possible.

This review request strategy can have a success rate of up to 90%.

7. Enable reviews on social media

Social media, such as Facebook, is an important place to both garner and promote positive reviews. In order to make the most of the possibilities available on your Facebook account, you will need to make it possible for customers to leave reviews via your Facebook page. Here is how:

  1. Click Settings on the top of your Facebook business page.
  2. Go to Edit Page in the left column.
  3. Scroll down to the Reviews tab.
  4. Click Settings in the Reviews section.
  5. Turn the slider to ON.
  6. Click Save.

Once saved, customers can easily leave reviews on your Facebook page to let others know about their experiences with your business.

8. Highlight reviews on social media

The final step in getting reviews for your Facebook page is to make sure the Reviews tab is visible on your Facebook business page. Here is how:

  • Click Settings on the top of your Facebook business page.
  • Go to Edit Page in the left column.
  • Click on the Tab section.
  • Turn Use Default Tabs to ON.
  • Scroll through the pre-picked tabs list to get to Add a Tab.
  • Click Add A Tab.
  • Add a Reviews tab.
  • Click and drag your tabs to put them in the order you prefer. The higher up the tab is, the more visible it will be on the business page.

9. Ask for reviews on Google

You can also request Google reviews, which will be seen by anyone who views your business online. In order to get these reviews, and the star ratings you have probably seen when exploring companies on Google yourself, you will first need to have a Google My Business profile. You can claim your business and set up your profile here.

Once your profile is set up, you can go to the Home section of your profile and click on Get More Reviews. Copy the short link you are provided, and give that link to anyone whose review you are requesting.

One very important rule to follow when requesting Google reviews is to avoid incentivizing reviews in any way. This rule includes a ban on review stations at your place of business. Any reviews you earn in violation of this policy may be removed by Google.

10. Promote the positive reviews you receive

Receiving positive reviews is a success for your business and a great way to earn new customers. In order for the review to have maximum effect, though, people need to see it. You can help improve its visibility by promoting good reviews yourself. Try these strategies to help show off some of the great reviews your business earns.

  • Post positive reviews on Facebook.
  • Mark reviews as helpful on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Glassdoor, and other review sites.
  • Respond to positive reviews.
  • Put positive reviews on your products.
  • Include reviews in your email newsletters.
  • Send positive reviews as part of your print marketing materials.

Asking for, and getting, good reviews is an essential aspect of growing your business. When you embrace many different approaches, follow some essential best practices, leverage social media, and respond to customers who leave you good reviews, you can begin to gather, and leverage, your customers’ goodwill to help grow your business. If you need professional help getting started, let us know!

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