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Who to Hire in Your In-house Marketing Team [And What to Outsource]

Who to Hire in Your In-house Marketing Team [And What to Outsource]

Making a dream team is more than a strategic move – it’s the key to success in the ever-evolving realm of marketing. It is like putting together a puzzle – every piece matters. 

Now, the big question: is it all about having an in-house team, or does outsourcing level things up? 

In this blog, we explore the delicate balance between in-house expertise and strategic outsourcing. Let’s build a dynamic in-house marketing team while strategically making the most of external expertise for the best results.

Building Your Dream In-House Marketing Team

Building a top-notch in-house team is the real deal for business success. Each role has its superpower, propelling your brand’s growth. Let’s explore the key roles of a powerful in-house marketing team.

Marketing Manager

At the helm of your in-house marketing team, the marketing manager is the architect of your success. They lead your in-house team, shaping the blueprint for success. They oversee the entire marketing strategy, ensuring a cohesive approach to achieving business goals. 

What sets them apart? A blend of strategic thinking, leadership skills, and a keen understanding of market trends. The ideal candidate? Someone who balances effortlessly between creativity and data-driven decision-making. 

Content Strategist

You must not only create content and build an audience but also employ strategies to overcome user passivity and systematically find individuals predisposed to love and share the content you’re creating. This is perhaps the most overlooked imperative in digital marketing today.

— Mark Schaefer, Marketing Keynote Speaker and Strategy Consultant

A content strategist brings your brand to life with words. Their role involves creating engaging narratives that connect with your target audience. In addition to creativity, a content strategist should be knowledgeable about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices and possess a deep understanding of your brand’s voice.

When hunting for the perfect fit, go for someone who doesn’t just craft content but spins a narrative that aligns flawlessly with your grand marketing plan. Because you want content that not only hooks but matches your overall content marketing strategy.

SEO Manager

Think of an SEO Manager as your online guide, helping your brand stand out in the vast digital landscape. A successful SEO Manager keeps up with algorithm changes, does keyword research, and optimizes content for impact. 

Seek someone with a proven record of boosting organic search rankings and a strong understanding of analytics tools. 

Social Media Manager

The social media manager is the architect of your brand’s online presence. These experts don’t just post; they curate digital hangouts, chat with your audience, and make your brand’s voice heard everywhere. 

A proficient social media manager grasps the subtleties of each platform, tailoring content to fit. What to look for? Creativity, responsiveness, and the ability to develop genuine connections with your audience.

Marketing Data Analyst

So, in this era of big data, you can’t miss out on having a marketing data analyst. They decode the massive amounts of your marketing data, turning it into insights that power your smart decisions. 

What should you look for? Well, seek someone with amazing analytical skills who can excel in using data visualization tools and turn data into action. This role involves tracking key performance indicators, analyzing trends, and assessing the success of campaigns. 

In short, a marketing data analyst is your go-to for making sense of the data maze in today’s marketing landscape.

Elevate Your Marketing Game with Strategic Outsourcing

On top of having an in-house team, throwing in some outsourced expertise can seriously level up your business game. 

However, creating an outsourced marketing team demands a thoughtful approach. You’ve got to pick the right players to make sure your strategies don’t just get done but get done in a way that screams success. Let’s explore the essential components of an outsourced marketing team.

Technical SEO

At the heart of a great online presence is technical SEO. When hiring, look for experts who ensure your website aligns with search engine algorithms, boosting visibility. 

Look for pros who know the ABCs of site structure and crawlability and are capable of seamless technical optimizations. This sets the foundation for a strong online presence.

Paid Online Media Campaigns

When you run an online campaign, you want a mix of creativity and strategy to make it pop. Outsourcing this role to specialists ensures your advertising budget is maximized for the best results. 

Find a team that excels at informing, enticing, and persuading your target audience on paid channels – they’ll be the ones driving traffic and conversions effectively. 

Social Media Planning and Implementation

Having a strong social media presence is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Outsourcing social media planning and implementation to experts guarantees authentic audience engagement. 

Seek a team that comprehends your target audience, crafts compelling content, and navigates platforms strategically for effective brand promotion. Because when it comes to social media, you want not just a presence but a presence that turns heads and makes waves. 

Website Content Creation and Management

Now, when it comes to the heart of it all, it’s all about content. Thinking of outsourcing website content creation and management? Smart move! 

Look for a team that understands your brand voice, can create engaging content, and manages it effectively to keep your audience informed and engaged.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning 

A successful digital strategy is a roadmap to success. Outsourcing digital strategy ensures that your marketing efforts align with your business goals. 

Think about getting a team from the pros like CODESM – they’re like the MVPs of Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS). They’ll dig into market trends, get your audience, and cook up a strategy that not only informs but also lures and convinces your audience. 

Online Communications

Good communication is the lifeline for your brand, no doubt. Outsourcing your online communications gives you a reliable team that ensures your brand speaks the same and relevant language everywhere. 

Look for a team that can manage public relations, respond to customer inquiries, and foster positive online interactions.

Marketing Automation

Automation is a game-changer in marketing efficiency. Outsourcing marketing automation is the move that lets your team ditch the repetitive tasks and dive into strategic initiatives that make a real impact.

Look for a team that can implement and manage marketing automation tools, enhancing your overall efficiency.

Website and Graphic Design

In the world of online everything, how your brand looks is a big deal. Outsourcing website and graphic design ensures that your brand’s visual elements are engaging and aligned with your messaging. 

You want to make sure your brand looks sleek and speaks the right language. So, look for a team that can turn ideas into eye-catching designs, basically making your brand look gorgeous. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

So you’ve got people clicking on your website – nice job! But here’s the deal: that’s just the start. Now, if you want those clicks to turn into something meaningful, you need to outsource conversion rate optimization experts. 

Look for a team that can analyze user behavior, implement A/B testing, and continuously optimize your website for maximum impact. 

The Bottom-line

In your marketing journey, your in-house team, spearheaded by marketing managers and content strategists, acts as the core. However, the best efficiency comes when certain roles, like Technical SEO, Paid Online Campaigns, and Marketing Automation, are strategically outsourced. 

It’s all about finding the right mix – some team members from inside and some special experts from outside. So, as you work on your marketing plans, aim for that perfect balance. 

Revitalize your brand with CODESM’s comprehensive marketing services, from technical SEO, social media planning, content creation, online communications, marketing automation, and website/graphic design. 

Boost your online presence and connect with your audience. Elevate your brand’s narrative today with CODESM – where expertise meets impact!

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