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How Are CMOs Managing AI in Marketing?

How Are CMOs Managing AI in Marketing?

Around 61% of marketers have recently welcomed Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their toolkit. This shift is reshaping the strategies of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), sparking a new era in how they approach and revolutionize marketing endeavors. 

In this blog, we explore AI integration within marketing and how CMOs are tapping into its capabilities and unique approaches. Let’s discover the insights that shape the role of AI in the hands of today’s marketing leaders.

AI’s Impact on CMO Jobs.

Christopher Rubin, Fractional CMO, A. Team, presents groundbreaking perspectives on AI’s impact, guiding CMOs through the transformations shaping their roles and strategies.

Using AI changes how Chief Marketing Officers work. Find out how it affects strategies, decisions based on data, and creativity in the ever-changing world of marketing. 

Data-Driven Decision-Making

AI can root out unconscious biases so that we get a true representation of the value exchange that the brand wants to have with the consumer.

Bob Lord, Senior Vice President, IBM

With AI on board, CMOs get great tools for super-smart analytics. They can use it to make decisions based on loads of data, getting priceless insights into what consumers like and where the market is heading:

Personalization at Scale

AI dives into customer data, serving up customized content and experiences. CMOs get to craft laser-focused campaigns, boosting how customers connect and keeping brand loyalty strong. AI isn’t just about stats like age or location; it’s all about understanding how each person ticks and what they prefer. 

With GoCRM’s targeted campaigns based on what your customers are up to, you can take your marketing game to its absolute peak, tapping into a world of unlimited options. 

Automation of Repetitive Tasks

Automation, a key AI capability. It takes care of the dull, repetitive stuff – like data crunching, reports, and even social media scheduling. This means CMOs get to focus on the fun parts of marketing – big-picture planning and unleashing their creativity. 

GoCRM is like your 24/7 marketing sidekick. With automation, it can manage lead nurture campaigns even when you’re off the clock. 

Enhanced Customer Journey Mapping

AI is like a guide for CMOs, helping them really get what customers go through. They can map out all the touchpoints, spot the sticky points, and make things better across different channels. 

This big-picture view sets the stage for super-smart strategies in getting new customers, keeping them around, and making sure they’re happy. 

With GoCRM, you get to see the whole journey of each lead in one neat spot. Every chat, call, and text is right there, keeping you totally in the loop. Plus, you can tag leads and launch campaigns.

Predictive Analytics for Forecasting

The great thing about AI is that it can predict and learn in real time what the audience is going to be receptive to…[so we can] create a great value exchange between the brand and consumer in ways we weren’t able to do before.

— Bob Lord

Thanks to predictive analytics fueled by AI, CMOs can see trends and predict what customers will do next. This peek into the future helps them be super proactive in planning marketing strategies, tweaking campaigns on the fly, and staying ahead of any market twists and turns.

With CODESM’s full-on analytics and attribution tracking, you get the real-time lowdown on how each campaign is rocking, compare ads head-to-head, and zero in on the strategies that are hitting it out of the park.

CMOs at the Helm of Marketing Evolution

AI is probably going to be the single biggest disruptor and enabler of marketing in total. It’s a dream come true from a marketer’s perspective.

Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Mastercard

CMOs are really getting into the whole data-driven, personalized vibe these days. They’re managing AI in marketing to fine-tune their game across different channels to build genuine connections with their audience.

Leading Marketing Innovation

CMOs are playing the strategic game with AI in marketing, moving from just exploring to full-on experimenting, especially with Generative AI. They’re using generative AI to amp up marketing, bringing in fresh new creative capabilities, seamless martech integrations, and operational efficiencies. 

Orange, with a dedicated team of 50 experts, has skyrocketed its marketing game. Over the last two years, they’ve supercharged personalization and recommendations, achieving a 5% boost in sales. You’re in the age of mastering AI, and those who aren’t on board might be missing out on a wave of success. 

It’s all about practical applications now, with industry trades and vendor press releases highlighting real outcomes. CMOs are taking center stage, making sure generative AI features smoothly integrate into vendor tools and agency partner capabilities.

Embracing Functional Consolidation with AI Integration

CMOs are steering away from the marketing cloud dreams and embracing a pragmatic approach: 50% of them are prioritizing martech ecosystem integration over the monolithic marketing cloud. 

It’s like they’re leaning towards functional consolidation rather than putting all their eggs in one vendor basket on their martech roadmaps. The idea is to bring tech capabilities together in one cohesive ecosystem, and CMOs are really seeing the perks of this shift.

B2C marketers are getting ready to benefit from this change, anticipating more flexibility, a wider range of applications, and higher productivity. It’s a boost in important areas such as customer insights, brand strategy, and brand execution.

Using AI in Communication

According to Forrester’s 2023 B2B Brand And Communications Survey, a substantial 43% of B2B companies have embraced AI-based chatbots, while an additional 44% leverage AI for marketing analytics. 

Cody’s got you covered with a bunch of AI Chatbot Templates tailored for different industries and needs. Whether you’re into Marketing AI Assistance, HR, IT Support, Sales, Factual info, Training, Hiring, Customer Support, Translation, or want a customized chatbot for your business – Cody has a template for that.

Redefining Content Dynamics for Personalization and Impact

CMOs are leading the charge in integrating AI into marketing, putting a major focus on personalizing, creating, and optimizing content. Recent data spills the beans: 

  • 53% of companies are turning to AI to tailor content to individual preferences. 
  • When it comes to content creation, 49% are using AI for crafting compelling narratives.
  • And in the optimization game, a significant 37% are making AI a priority for boosting content performance.

AI takes the spotlight in real-time customer targeting, with 35% of companies dynamically purchasing ad space using its prowess. When it comes to content creation, AI strategically steps in across platforms: 65% for blogs, 63% for website content, 55% for social media, and another 55% for crafting compelling email copies.

The Bottomline

Managing AI in marketing is a game-changer, reshaping CMO roles into leaders of innovation. Think data-driven decisions, personalized content, and automation – AI is the guiding force. Success stories from companies like CODESM’s GoCRM underline CMOs as pioneers in marketing evolution. The move from traditional models to functional consolidation? That’s a strategic shift. 

Simply put, if CMOs don’t get on the AI train, they might miss out on the wave of success, marking a significant paradigm shift in marketing strategies.

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