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Social Media Post Templates: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Social Media Post Templates: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Want to improve your company’s social media game? Use social media templates to maximize the visual, compelling, and effective nature of your campaigns.

About 72 percent of people in the United States use some form of social media. That translates into 223 million people who are reachable via social platforms. That is a considerable potential for your business, but it also means that you need to regularly be posting compelling visual content on your social media platforms to get their attention.

To cultivate an effective presence on these platforms, without spending all of your time and energy on content creation, you may want to consider social media templates. This approach not only saves you time, but it also increases the power of your content and drives engagement, so you can meet your marketing goals.

What Are Social Media Post Templates?

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Social media templates are compelling, branded graphics whose content can be easily changed as needed to create a wide variety of social media posts. Templates can be developed to fit the preferred sizes for each social media platform and, thanks to the simplicity of updating content, can be used to create social media posts in just a few moments. In addition, you can create templates for individual campaigns without losing your company’s distinct branding and messaging.

What Are the Benefits of Using Social Media Post Templates?

Social media templates have numerous advantages to offer your business, particularly when it comes to earning leads and conversions. Here are the top 6 reasons to use this approach on your channels.

Save time

Pre-established graphics can save you hours of time when putting together posts, tweets, and stories. How? By eliminating the need to craft unique images and graphics every time you have something to say on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. All you have to do to create fresh content is to edit the graphic and post it, a task that takes a few minutes at most.

Communicate your brand

One of the main benefits of using social media templates is to present a branded image to your audiences every time they encounter you on social media. Without compelling branding, your company’s distinctive, and appealing, attributes get lost among the tens of millions of businesses using social media platforms. Templates ensure that your posts immediately, and visually, let audiences know who you are and why they should engage with you, especially when people share your content with others outside your platform.

Provide consistency

Whether you are putting together a Labor Day campaign, building brand awareness, releasing a regular series of content, or putting together any other marketing campaign, you need consistency to create a cohesive campaign across all marketing channels.

Social media templates can help by pre-building graphics that mesh with the rest of your marketing materials. Then all your team has to do is update the content as needed and post. No worries about creating new graphics for every post or missing a key element in your campaign visuals. Every post has all the elements your campaign requires to drive home conversions.

Boost engagement

Visual content can create 40 times more engagement than non-visual content. Leverage that power by creating visually compelling social media templates that put powerful graphics at your fingertips. Now you can generate excitement around your posts without laboring over brand-new material every time you put something up on your social media platforms.

Customize post fit for social media

Each social media platform has a different preferred size for graphics. That can make it time-consuming to create unique images for every piece of content you generate. Save yourself the time with social media templates. Once you create a template sized to each platform, it becomes easy to change out the content and post, with no worries about whether the images will look right on the platform you are using.

Create quality content on busy days

Your social media calendar may be asking you to post two or three times a week, but your task calendar may be making it difficult to squeeze in the time for social media content creation. On busy days, leverage your templates to create branded, visually stunning, and high-engagement posts with just a few tweaks to your existing graphics.

Start Using Social Media Post Templates

If they are not already, social media post templates should become a central part of your social media strategy. Taking the time to create a few powerful templates up front can save you hours of work and worry over time while boosting brand awareness, engagements, and simplicity. And, as new campaigns develop, you can always create new templates to keep up a consistent, branded message for your audiences.

Need help building a social media strategy that works? CODESM can help with a modern marketing approach and full marketing team that leverages social media templates (And dozens of other strategies) to scale your marketing and achieve your business goals.

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