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7 Powerful Social Media Tips For Real Estate Agents

7 Powerful Social Media Tips For Real Estate Agents

Real estate is one of those industries that fits perfectly with the age of social media. If you’re not already making the most of social media to market your real estate business, here are some ways in which you can.

Realtors can use social media as a tool to gain more leads, convert them, and ultimately become more competitive. Research has shown that millennial homebuyers are using social media to shop for homes, especially Facebook and Instagram. Millennials are gaining earning power and starting to climb the property ladder, but they’re not the only potential clients you can reach by embracing social media marketing, of course. Facebook-active boomers are also retiring and looking to downscale. The beauty of social media is that it is much easier to find and engage them. Here’s how.

Showcase your listings

Social media platforms are visual places, and these days it’s all about video. As a realtor, you have an opportunity to show off your listings with high-quality video content. That can be live or pre-recorded and edited, just make it professional and take your audience on a virtual tour.

Photo galleries are fundamental, however, and high-quality images can grab a homebuyer’s attention with just a glance. Use them to show off the best side of any property, in its best light.

Be human to build trust

Trust is a vital commodity in the property business, and social media is a great place to earn it. That’s because it gives you an opportunity to humanize your business, to show the faces behind your brand, demonstrate some personality, discuss your mission and express your values. Put out messages on holidays and special occasions relevant to your target market and spread a little cheer – it’ll go a long way.

Post shareable content

Social media is somewhere you can add value for your clients by posting content that is useful to them. This could information or tips about buying a first home, for example, or how to apply for a home loan. You can also provide lists of contacts or resources, or even décor ideas. With good organic content, you can build brand equity and reach potential new clients through others liking and sharing your posts.

Use paid ads to expand your reach

Social media allows you to home in on your ideal clients with paid ads targeting people searching for homes in specific geographic areas. You can put your listings in front of them without wasting your budget advertising to people who aren’t looking to buy a home at all, let alone in your area.

You can use your organic content to learn more about your target market and how to reach them. Take note of what content performs best and with whom, then put a budget behind those posts to get them in front of new potential clients.

Use testimonials

Research shows that people are more trusting of reviews than ads, so be sure to make the most of testimonials and client reviews on your social media pages. Use video format when you can to show happy families in their new homes, and use quotes from past clients that are likely to persuade others. Once a sale has concluded and a client is happy, ask them to kindly write a review on your preferred business reviews site. This will ensure you have a reservoir of positive testimonials to draw from.

Build a network

It’s worth considering a presence on LinkedIn to build a network with other real estate agents in different areas who could potentially send clients your way and vice versa. Social media is great for fostering business partnerships in this way, so take advantage.

Be consistent

Once you’ve got your social pages established, don’t neglect them. Keep posting at regular intervals to keep drawing in leads organically and to demonstrate to visitors to your page that your business is active and engaged. You don’t necessarily need to post every day, but be sure to continually give your social pages the attention they deserve.

From acquiring new leads to nurturing them towards either buying or selling with you, social media is a powerful tool in the real estate toolkit. When used correctly, it can take a realtor brand to new heights. Applying the above advice will set you on your way, but we can help your business maximize the value of social media as a lead generation and conversion engine. To get started, get in touch.

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