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How Marketing Automation Increases Revenue (and How to Use It)

How Marketing Automation Increases Revenue (and How to Use It)

You’ve heard marketing automation is powerful. But do you know how it works, or what it can do to help your business? Automating many of your marketing processes is an easy way for you and your team to improve productivity, depending on how far you want to take it. Let’s dive into what marketing automation is and what benefits it offers.

Marketing automation: what’s it all about?

Marketing automation uses software to automate many of the repetitive tasks your sales and marketing teams currently complete manually. From drafting emails to sending appointment reminders, these tasks eat up time that your teams could be spending nurturing high-value leads or pursuing new clients.

Businesses that have adopted marketing automation software have seen their quantity of leads rise by up to 80% following targeting campaigns. A ZHAW School of Management and Law survey in 2020 of 402 respondents found that companies that used marketing automation tools were three times more likely to be successful at reaching their goals.

The possibilities of marketing automation are almost endless with a strong platform like GoCRM. Not only can you take care of the more mundane tasks, but you can automate aspects of the process of capturing and nurturing leads as well.

The tasks you can automate

Marketing automation can streamline almost every stage of the sales funnel, from capturing leads’ attention to helping nurture them toward conversion.

Here are some of the major tasks that automation can help with:


Sales and marketing teams have a lot of ground to cover, but GoCRM allows you to reduce the amount of time and effort they need to spend on managing emails. You can simply set the parameters and let the platform manage the rest.

Automation is a big help in email management, especially when it comes to confirmation and reminder mailers, marketing emails, document deliveries and for requests.

Lead nurturing

Marketing automation is also a great way to streamline the process of engaging with new potential customers and working with leads. With GoCRM, you can use automation to reach customers with customized workflows following your best practices and using your preferred channels.

You write the email messages, SMS text messages or phone-call scripts and they’ll be sent in accordance with your set timeline. With the workflow activated, GoCRM will nurture your leads until they respond, at which point sales can take over.

Keep in mind that a smooth and efficient process and a bit of personalised engagement will help to impress any potential customers and retain existing ones.

Automated workflows nurture leads until they move further down the sales funnel, giving your team the time they need to focus on the most promising and highest-value lead conversions.

Try using automated workflows to:

  • Engage cold leads
  • Nurture new leads
  • Notify leads about promotions and enticing offers
  • Retarget website visitors
  • On-board new customers
  • Re-engage past customers

Lead scoring

Assigning leads and determining the value of each lead can take hours of a salesperson’s valuable time while receiving poor quality leads from marketing staff can create tension between different departments and make everyone less productive.

Automated lead qualification, such as that provided by GoCRM, can eliminate hours of labor and keep the pipeline full of high-value leads. You control the process by determining the parameters for lead qualification and sorting.

With GoCRM helping to promote and screen the most promising leads, your teams can focus on maintaining and nurturing those opportunities without having to waste hours of research time on every lead that comes along.

Data Analytics

Your sales and marketing teams thrive off data. This data is essential to helping them perform optimally with the ability to segment and target audiences.

GoCRM’s automated tracking puts this information at their fingertips, and with real-time data being readily available, your sales and marketing teams can begin to earn, engage, nurture and convert leads into customers much more efficiently.

It includes:

  •       Dynamic number insertion and call tracking
  •       A centralized information database
  •       Recorded phone calls
  •       The ability to track lead origin (even to phone calls)
  •       The ability to gauge the value generated from each campaign

Why consider bringing automation into your business?

Marketing automation can take the headache out of many time-consuming tasks. In doing so, it provides many benefits to your sales and marketing teams.

With GoCRM, you can be sure to capture valuable leads and hang onto them as automation does the nurturing for you. And by ensuring efficiency, the enhanced customer experience can lead to a higher conversion rate.

Boost your ROI

Delivering a higher rate of efficiency is sure to impress more often and enhance the customer experience, leading to a higher conversion rate and directly benefiting your bottom line.

And don’t underestimate the impact of automated analytics tracking in terms of its ability to help your team focus their efforts in the right direction, maximizing their effectiveness.

Leverage personalization

If leads feel the personal touch, they’re more likely to convert, and automation can help to deliver a level of personalization that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. It can go beyond using first names in emails and extend to messaging that speaks directly to their challenges, wants and needs.

This helps you build a relationship with a customer through a personal connection as they feel appreciated, understood and well-cared for. It’s that type of relationship that will bring them back time and again.

Get more done

With all the information needed as you need it and repetitive manual tasks taken care of, you and your teams can get on with what you do best. You can increase results and bring in more leads while decreasing your workload by boosting your effectiveness.  

Getting started with marketing automation is all about choosing the right toolset. If you have been thinking about getting started with marketing automation, first learn a bit about choosing the right CRM for your business.

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