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10 Ways Marketing-as-a-Service Helps Your Business Scale Faster

10 Ways Marketing-as-a-Service Helps Your Business Scale Faster

Can your marketing keep up with your business? If it isn’t driving you toward the goals and growth you are dreaming of, it is holding you back. That is why Marketing-as-a-Service enjoys a 92 percent retention rate among our customers. We deliver modern, flexible marketing solutions for business and marketing teams that help you scale. Take a look at these 10 ways MaaS can supercharge your marketing and help your business scale faster.

Custom Dashboard

You never have to wonder how a project is going. Track progress (and ROI) in real-time from the custom-built CODESM Projects dashboard. From submitting urgent requests to accessing project details and seeing who is assigned to your project, you can use the dashboard to watch your marketing progress. You can even leave feedback or ask questions, so you are always in the loop.

Enterprise-Level Analytics and Tracking

Break down campaign performance on a granular level with our enterprise-level analytics and tracking tools. With in-depth insights, you can see the results of your campaigns and focus your spending on the strategies that work.

What do our tools help you discover about your campaigns?

  • Lead Origination Data
  • Campaign ROI
  • Website Performance
  • Audience Demographics
  • Landing Page Performance
  • Individual Campaign and Ad Performance
  • And so much more!

It is time to move beyond surface-level numbers (such as website traffic) to get the in-depth insights you need to boost your bottom line.

All-Inclusive Marketing

Most traditional marketing solutions leave gaps in your services. Not MaaS. Our approach leverages all-inclusive services; thus you can get more done, in a fraction of the time of a traditional agency. Don’t choose between Google Ads and print marketing, billboards or marketing automation. MaaS can do it all, and because we don’t lock you into rigid contracts, we have the flexibility to change direction and pursue new marketing campaigns the moment you need them.

Dedicated Marketing Team

Get a full marketing department for less than the cost of a single in-house employee. MaaS is the only way to get $1 million worth of talent for a small monthly fee. Our team of more than 50 marketing experts in every field puts leading talent for every task at your fingertips. SEO specialists, videographers, graphic designers, social media managers, copywriters, Each member of our high-performing team has years of experience and a dedication to help your business grow the way you are dreaming of.

Comprehensive Lead Tracking

Know where your leads are coming from, and what they are doing once they come to you, with our comprehensive lead tracking services. Business call tracking links a unique phone number to each of your marketing campaigns, so you can see which campaigns are generating the most leads. Our analytics and tracking tools capture a lead’s progress once they contact you, and deliver an accurate ROI for each lead. That makes it easy to see how leads are performing, which strategies are generating the best results, and how best to turn leads into sales.

Free CRM

When you choose MaaS, you enjoy access to our free CRM platform, called GoCRM. This platform puts your sales on autopilot with intuitive marketing automation and sales management tools. Work smarter, not harder, with a CRM platform that allows you to achieve all the following in pursuit of business growth:

  • Automatically import leads.
  • Distribute leads with ease.
  • Implement marketing automation to save you time and reach more leads.
  • Get insight into your leads’ journeys and position in the sales pipeline.
  • Manage tasks & appointments.
  • Maximize marketing ROI.

No Contracts—Ever

Rigid contracts make it hard to pivot when your business needs to change. MaaS is as flexible as you need so you can change track, add tasks, switch campaigns, and send urgent requests to keep up with your growing business and its ever-changing needs. And, with no contracts, our month-to-month system means we are continually working to earn your business. Your success is our success; therefore, we constantly strive to make sure your business is reaching its goals.

Tailored Marketing Strategies

When it comes to your business growth, no cookie cutter solutions will help. We develop tailored marketing strategies designed specifically for your business needs. From messaging strategies that capture your brand’s language, unique selling points, and target audiences, to marketing plans customized to your industry, we make sure that we are hitting all the points you need to help your business scale, fast.

Remarkable Efficiency

Scale your business faster with marketing professionals whose efficiency increases the more they get to know your business. Over time, our dedicated team can complete tasks more quickly, making your marketing dollars stretch and making it possible to grow your marketing, and your business, in less time, with greater efficiency.

Flexible Packages

We want you to grow revenue without growing costs. That is why we offer you multiple packages; hence you can choose the pricing and service package that works best for your business. We can fill in the gaps in your marketing or serve as your full marketing department. Just tell us what you need, and let us deliver, so you can reach your business growth goals.

Are you ready to get started with MaaS? Schedule an obligation-free marketing call with CODESM and discover the difference a tailored, modern marketing solution can make for your business growth.

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