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How to Still Get Great Marketing ROI in a Cluttered Digital World

How to Still Get Great Marketing ROI in a Cluttered Digital World

For many organisations, today’s online environment feels a bit cluttered, and it’s no secret that the so-called attention economy is getting more competitive. It means the old digital marketing tricks don’t get as much return on investment as they used to, and a small in-house team is more likely to find itself out of its depth. So, what’s the answer?

The challenges of marketing today

The global decline in attention spans is now quite well documented, and technology isn’t solely to blame for it. But it does make the lives of digital marketers more difficult. Added to that, the reach of organic social is in decline, and very soon, with the emergence of Web 3.0, marketers will have to contend with a web without third-party tracking.

Emerging technologies are driving change from other directions too, like the rise of voice search as a preferred way to find information thanks to the proliferation of voice assistants and the need to optimize for it. Together with spiralling ad costs, algorithmic changes, and the web’s constant hunger for fresher and more engaging content, these external forces all add up to a lot of additional pressure on a traditional in-house marketing team.

Supporting your team with a bespoke solution

Learning how to adapt and evolve while meeting day-to-day demands requires a helping hand. Without it, a marketing team is likely to start delivering less value over the long term. From video production to data analytics, there’s bound to be gaps in your team’s skills and in your technology stack, which could be challenging to address and carry hidden and ongoing costs. A more practical and cost-effective approach is to augment these missing elements through a partnership.

That’s why the marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) model has proven to be so successful. A decent MaaS agency will be able to offer a tailored solution to address those gaps. And while the word “partnership” may cause apprehension due to concerns arising from the traditional agency model – like inflexibility and the issues of cost control – that can be offset with month-to-month contracts and a flat monthly fee that covers only the services you require as you require them.

The strengths a business stands to gain include the ability to…

  1. Cut through the clutter

Bespoke marketing-as-a-service crafts campaigns tailored to your brand’s unique voice and target audience with the tools and know-how to use precise targeting.

  1. Control costs

Rather than being shackled to a rigid financial commitment, a month-to-month arrangement with no hidden costs or surprises allows for a clear, manageable budget and efficient resource planning.

  1. Keep up with algorithmic evolution

The algorithms that govern social media and search engines are like shifting sands and what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. MaaS providers follow these changes closely and adapt their strategies accordingly using real-time data and insights, not to mention a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge.

  1. Leverage a team of experts

Expertise is especially valuable in today’s competitive digital environment as the difference between success and failure hinges on making smart decisions and delivering flawless execution. A lack of expertise means costly mistakes and wasted budgets, but acquiring it in-house involves the headaches of sourcing, hiring and managing that (usually expensive) talent.

With the flexibility of a month-to-month contract, however, you’ll never be over-resourced or saddled with a bad hire. You gain access to the expertise you need as you need it with no further obligations. You can also avoid the expenses of training and overhead costs associated with hiring more employees.

The agile and cost-effective answer

That’s why, if you’re looking for a better return on your marketing investment, the answer isn’t to be found in-house or in a traditional agency. Rather, it’s the bespoke marketing-as-a-service model that offers the highest degree of cost control and agility. And agility is paramount in a fast-moving and dynamic world in which businesses need to be able to adapt and respond to change more quickly than their competitors.

To get the bespoke marketing solutions that your business needs, along with the agility and other benefits that make the MaaS model so effective at delivering great ROI, go ahead and reach out to CODESM today.

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