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What Is Dynamic Number Insertion, And How Does It Work?

What Is Dynamic Number Insertion, And How Does It Work?

With a marketing landscape increasingly focused online, it can be easy to overlook the enduring power of the phone call. However, the reality is that phone calls are still a preferred method of communication, and conversion, among consumers. That means that, unless you have a way to track which marketing efforts drove which phone calls, you could be missing out on important information about the real impact of your ad campaigns.

Enter dynamic number insertion and business call tracking. Easy to implement and use, this approach gives you insight into the origins behind every phone call your business receives, all for a cost that even budget-conscious small businesses can afford.

What is dynamic number insertion?

Dynamic number insertion (DNI), in concert with business call tracking, is a simple and powerful way to track the source of every phone call placed to your business. The practice involves linking a unique phone number to each of your marketing campaigns.

Even if a consumer clicks through to your website from a specific marketing campaign, instead of calling you directly from the ad, they will still see that unique number displayed on your website.

When consumers call that number, they are automatically forwarded to your primary business number, but the number they originally called is documented by your business call tracking technology. As a result, you can link each phone call to a specific campaign.

For example, say you are running a set of Google Ads and a set of Facebook ads and use DNI to give each set of ads its own number. If a consumer uses the Google Ads number to call your business, you know that ad campaign generated that lead. If they use the Facebook number to call, you know they found your business through social media.

Is there a limit to how many numbers you can use in DNI?

Dynamic number insertion is a flexible approach that even allows you to distinguish individual ad sets with individual phone numbers. For example, you can use DNI to give each set of Google Ads a different phone number, for easy comparison of each ad set’s performance.

However, dynamic number insertion can present certain SEO challenges if used incorrectly. If you use too many phone numbers in your online campaigns or use DNI in your business listings, you may be penalized by Google for engaging in what the search engine views as “gray” SEO strategies. The best approach is to use no more than two separate numbers online while using as many individual numbers as you desire for your offline marketing efforts.

Why is dynamic number insertion important for marketing?

Online methods of communication are easily traceable through analytics tools. You can, at a glance, see who visited your website, where they came from, how long they stayed, which pages they viewed, and which actions they took. You can track a lead’s use of contact forms, appointment scheduling, emails, and newsletter subscriptions. The only thing you cannot easily track using traditional online analytics tools is the phone call.

Even in today’s digital age, a phone call is a powerful tool for leads and conversions. Consumers turn to the phone to ask questions, request more information, place orders, and get educated on the next steps in the conversion process. If you are not tracking these phone calls, you cannot see the full impact of your marketing campaigns.

Dynamic number insertion lifts the curtain, obscuring your view of these phone calls. With the simple addition of a unique number to each ad campaign and the use of a business call tracking tool, you can see exactly which ad campaigns drive phone calls.

In response to this information, you can take steps such as following up with leads, closing more sales, evaluating the effectiveness of your campaigns, and focusing your marketing budget on the marketing campaigns that work best. Use DNI to (1) Improve ROI (2) Make more conversions and (3) Deliver better customer service.

Is dynamic number insertion legal?

Dynamic number insertion does not invade the privacy of the consumer, does not record the phone call, and does not require the consent of the consumer (As recording sometimes does). All it does is present the consumer with an alternative, but valid, number to call in order to reach your business. As a result, DNI is a legal practice that your business can embrace in order to enhance your marketing.

What are the pros and cons of dynamic number insertion?

There are many reasons to adopt DNI for your marketing, as well as some potential difficulties of which you should be aware. Here is a detailed look at some of the most important pros and cons to dynamic number insertion.


Marketing Attribution

With DNI and call tracking, you can easily attribute each lead to a specific campaign. That makes it easy to compare campaign performance and invest your resources in the campaigns that generate the most leads and the most revenue.

ROI Tracking

If you only have partial information about the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, you will only have a partial idea of your marketing campaigns’ ROIs. By using dynamic number insertion alongside business call tracking, you can more easily evaluate the true ROI of your marketing efforts.

Fewer Lost Leads

DNI makes it easy to keep track of every lead garnered by your marketing efforts by logging every lead captured over the phone. That enables you to nurture these leads toward conversion.

Local Numbers

If you operate across multiple regions, you may want to present a familiar local number to potential consumers. DNI allows you to do so by assigning a local number to ad campaigns that are running in each region. That can generate more interest and trust from your target audiences.

Saved Time

Instead of spending hours tracking down the origin of phone leads, your sales and marketing teams can focus on nurturing those leads and winning sales.

More Control

Take control of your marketing efforts with dynamic number insertion. The data this approach delivers makes it possible to leverage your marketing in a more profitable and knowledgeable way.


A low monthly fee for a process that boosts ROI means that even small businesses can afford, and benefit from dynamic number insertion.


SEO Challenges

In order to avoid being penalized by Google for having too many numbers, limit your online DNI efforts to no more than two at a time.

Customer Confusion

If you present consumers with multiple numbers, depending upon which ad campaign they are interacting with, you could confuse them. They may not know which number to use to reach you.

In order to use DNI appropriately and avoid these difficulties, you should entrust your DNI campaigns to an experienced marketing professional and embrace the training and support available through your GoCRM platform.

Who should use dynamic number insertion?

Dynamic number insertion is critical for any company that conducts any business over the phone. This means that if consumers ever call your business in order to get information or complete sales, then you should be using DNI to track the impact of those calls. DNI is appropriate for use across industries, and has been used successfully in restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, home builders, nail salons, pharmacies, and more.

Even small businesses who must carefully track their finances can benefit from using dynamic number insertion. This approach’s low costs and easy implementation (e.g. No high monthly fees and no advanced hardware or infrastructure) mean that small businesses have to invest very little in order to reap the benefits of using DNI. In fact, DNI may save small businesses time and money, freeing them up to devote their resources to the most effective marketing strategies in order to boost their ROI.

How much does DNI cost?

Dynamic number insertion is an affordable way to track the impact of phone calls to your business. You can get a full suite of CRM products, including call tracking with DNI, for as little as $99 a month. Upgrade to our professional package and pay just $149 a month. With DNI and call tracking integrated into a platform designed to turn your team into a top-selling squad, GoCRM represents an affordable and smart investment in your company’s growth.

How can I implement DNI?

Implementing and using DNI isn’t just affordable—It is simple, too. The key is to adopt a robust CRM that includes dynamic number insertion and business call tracking in its features. With these two features as part of a full complement of services, you can easily integrate DNI into a platform that also offers you all the other tools you need to track, manage, and close all of your leads.

Our GoCRM platform offers DNI and business call tracking as a part of our full suite of CRM services. In addition to training and support, we make it easy to integrate DNI with all of your other sales and marketing efforts, so you can easily track, engage with, and convert leads at every stage of the sales funnel. Ready to begin? Contact us today to request a demo!

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