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Meet the Dashboard Made for Managing Marketing

Meet the Dashboard Made for Managing Marketing

Modern marketing requires a modern approach to managing your campaigns, tasks, communications, and information. Enter the customer dashboard at CODESM. Developed specifically to keep you in the loop and put all the information you need right at your fingertips, this tool has advantages you won’t find in any other marketing management tool. Let us introduce you to your CODESM dashboard.

Supercharge your marketing management

Our customer dashboard is unlike any other marketing management tool because it is built to put powerful, instant access to everything you need in one easily accessible place. Here are just some of the reasons our tool is totally unique.

Custom-Built Oversight

Our dashboard is custom built to fit your marketing management needs. What does that mean? We built this tool ourselves to integrate all of the features necessary for total transparency, control, and insight into your marketing performance. Then we crafted it to allow you to use it in the ways that best fit your marketing management needs. Customize requests, view important task and campaign details, manage your budget, and more, all in the ways that make the most sense for your business.

Full Control & Transparency

Our dashboard’s custom-built features put full control of your marketing campaigns in your hands. There is no other marketing management tool that offers greater transparency or detailed access to information than this one. Here are just a few of the tasks you can complete right from our platform:

  • Edit your marketing plan
  • Brief in requests
  • Contact your account manager
  • Create appointments and schedule meetings with your CODESM team
  • Manage your budget
  • View in-depth analytics reports
  • Update your brand and company information
  • Provide feedback on in-process tasks
  • View the status of each of your tasks
  • And more!

Collaboration Across Time Zones

CODESM is your marketing partner, which means we are ready to collaborate with you on each aspect of your marketing needs. Use our dashboard to easily communicate with members of our team across time zones. Simply brief in requests, leave comments on tasks, and provide feedback on marketing materials at any time that is convenient for you. With an ongoing record of communications, our dashboard makes it easy for team members to see and respond to each of your communications.

Simple Work Review

When tasks are completed by our team, you receive a notification in your dashboard. Simply go into the task to review the work and leave feedback and comments. Or, oversee the status of each of your in-process tasks so you always know exactly what is happening, who is working on your project, and when the due date is.

Detailed Reports

No marketing is complete without detailed analytics to provide insights into its effectiveness. Our dashboard puts in-depth analytics reports at your fingertips. Use them to see the performance, and profitability, of each of your campaigns, and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly to maximize conversions and reach your marketing goals.

Centralized Access

Not tech savvy? No worries. Our dashboard puts everything you need to manage your marketing in one easily accessed location. Reports, budgets, plans, and tasks are all available through a single, intuitive tool that makes it easy to stay on top of everything that is happening with your campaigns.

Welcome to your dashboard

Does all this sound good? Then let us take you through a look at the dashboard and how you can use it to supercharge your marketing management with comprehensive, easy-to-use tools that are just a few clicks away.

Log In

To get started, simply use your provided login information to get access to the main dashboard page, which offers an instant overview of your account and most recent work. Use this page to complete any of the following:

  • Get an overview of most recent tasks.
  • Access the most important features.
  • Take actions like creating a request.
  • View tasks that need your attention or feedback.
  • View task status.
  • Get an overview of your monthly hour usage.
  • View contact information for your project manager, social media manager, and account manager.
  • Book a meeting with any of these individuals whenever needed.


Need a flier or social media post? How about a website update or an entire advertising campaign? Did something come up last minute? Simply create a request in your dashboard to get the marketing materials you need, when you need them. Here is how:

  1. Select “create request” in your main dashboard page.
  2. Fill in the required information for your request.
  3. Submit your request.

That’s it! The request will go the appropriate manager, who will create all of the associated tasks, and make sure your request is completed on time, even when your turnaround is urgent.

Work Manager

Ready to review, interact with, update, or respond to your tasks? Head over to the work manager section of your dashboard. This section gives you access to detailed information on all of your tasks. Use it to complete any of the following:

  • View the current state of all tasks, such as design, development, or internal review.
  • View a detailed breakdown of all tasks, such as brief in time, due date, and campaign.
  • View activity on each task.
  • Open and read attachments.
  • Leave feedback.
  • Approve or comment on any tasks in client review.


Strategies change as often as trends do. When you need to adjust your marketing plan or goals, use our plan section to make the necessary changes. These plans guide our approach to your marketing, so keeping it updated allows us to keep your marketing aligned with your latest goals and needs. Your marketing team can help you develop, adjust, and align with these plans for a marketing approach that is always in line with your needs and goals.


The budget section of your dashboard gives you instant access to all of the information you need to keep your marketing in line with your financial realities. Stay on top of your advertising spend with these tasks:

  • View allocated budgets.
  • Review budgets for each campaign.
  • Change your budget amounts or allocations.
  • Compare this month’s spend to previous months.


Make informed decisions about your marketing approach by using the reports section of your dashboard. Here we compile all data from your campaigns into easy to understand reports that inform you of relevant findings, like key takeaways and data driven opportunities. Use our reports section to complete the following tasks:

  • Read in-depth reports and analytics on every element of your campaigns.
  • Compare campaigns and tasks to identify the most effective approaches.
  • Delve into Google Analytics.
  • Access detailed reports for any time period.
  • View audience details.
  • View acquisition channels, demographic data, and more.
  • View the performance of social media, SEO, paid ads, and more.
  • Make decisions about how to maximize your marketing efforts based on real data.


Your brand drives the tone and look of your marketing. Make sure your brand is always up to date in our brand section. Our team uses this as a reference to ensure consistency in your marketing materials, so use this section to complete these tasks:

  • Update logo
  • Update assets, such as colors and fonts
  • Set the tone for your business


Your company details are stored in our profile section. Here you can update any information about your business, including the following:

  • Location
  • Contact information
  • Social media accounts
  • Website
  • And more


The notifications section of the dashboard keeps you apprised of all important action on your tasks. You will also be notified of any tasks that require your review before they can move forward.

Marketing management is easy, streamlined, and comprehensive when you choose CODESM and our customer dashboard. Ready to get started with a marketing partner dedicated to providing a modern solution to help you achieve your marketing goals? Contact us today to get your free marketing plan!

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