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How Marketing-as-a-Service Works for Restaurants

How Marketing-as-a-Service Works for Restaurants

As a restaurant, your business is driven by quality, attentiveness and, ultimately, your customers’ needs. Why would you allow your marketing to be driven by anything less? You do not deserve to be locked into rigid contracts, skyrocketing costs, and cookie cutter approaches. You deserve a scalable marketing solution delivered by professionals, driven by your needs, and as tailored and attentive as the service you give each one of your customers. You deserve Marketing-as-a-Service.

Restaurant Marketing Strategies

In the modern landscape, effective marketing requires a multi-channel approach. From hiring expert chefs to utilizing industry-best equipment, you leverage all the tools at your disposal to create a stunning menu for your customers. Similarly, restaurants marketing should leverage a multitude of physical and digital channels to prepare a marketing approach that helps you reach your goals.

By providing you with a full marketing department for less than the cost of a single in-house employee, MaaS has the agility, affordability, and expertise to use all of these platforms to supercharge your marketing. This approach puts the brightest talent across every facet of marketing at your disposal, delivers tailored solutions, and utilizes custom tech, all for a flat monthly fee and no contracts.

We have worked with many restaurateurs who needed help filling gaps in their marketing, standing out in a crowded field, and connecting with potential customers. MaaS has delivered, building a solid foundation for scalability and ROI using multi-channel marketing solutions customized to THEM. Here is a look at what we can do for YOU.

• Create Your Brand Identity

In a crowded market, restaurants need to be as irresistible as the dishes they serve their customers. MaaS can help you zero in on what makes your business different, the ingredients, so to speak, that make your business unforgettable. Then our marketing professionals craft a messaging strategy that outlines your target customers, incorporates your unique selling points (USPs), and creates a cohesive framework around which all of your marketing will be structured. Once your brand identity is in place, your business is ready to wow.

• Build a Restaurant Website

Customers no longer regularly visit your office. The Internet is now the place they go to discover local businesses. As a result, your website represents your business and may very well serve as consumers’ first impression of you. With a beautiful online presence, you earn more leads, convert more customers, enjoy greater visibility on search engines, and gain credibility among your target audiences, who now expect a professional and reliable business to be online. In addition, your website serves as a place to direct leads from all of your other marketing endeavors, a place where they can get more information and easily connect with your brand.

MaaS leverages a team of industry-leading designers, copywriters, photographers, videographers, and more who work together to build a website that drives leads and conversions among your target audiences. Designed with your needs as a restaurant in mind, this website will embody your brand and include critical elements for any potential client: High-quality images of your food and dining areas, menus for quick perusal, an online booking form for easy reservations, and contact information so potential clients can reach you quickly.

• Design Printed Sales Collateral

MaaS creates beautiful, vibrant, branded sales collateral that gives you yet another touchpoint where you can connect and engage with potential clients. Need a tent card to promote new desserts or drinks? Looking for a more user-friendly menu? Desire incredible signage? MaaS equips you with the materials you need to appeal to your customers.

• Launch an SEO Strategy

The leading source of traffic to your website, and one of the best sources of leads for your business, is Google. Most customers, when they use this search engine, are looking for terms such as “restaurants near me.”  These industry-specific search terms show intent to use the services you have to offer. In order for you to be visible and dominant in your local market for these keywords, you need SEO. Leveraging MaaS allows a team of SEO experts to implement advanced search engine optimization techniques to help position your business on the first page of the search results.

These include the following:

  • Developing a powerful Google Business Profile
  • Implementing a keyword-rich blog strategy
  • Website optimizations
  • Keyword niche pages
  • Paid and unpaid search techniques
  • Integrated map and competition targeting solutions
  • Reputation management campaigns
  • Content marketing
  • Updating local listing sites
  • Developing Google Places listings
  • And more

• Manage Your Reputation

About 75 percent of consumers are more likely to trust a business that has positive reviews. From encouraging clients to leave reviews to promoting positive reviews on social media to helping you navigate negative feedback, MaaS’ team of professionals will ensure that potential clients always see your best side.

• Manage Your Online Listings & Directories

Google Business and other online listings and directories like Yelp and Trip Advisors play a key role in your online visibility and in capturing consumers who may be looking for restaurants during vacations and work trips.

By keeping them accurate, updated, and active, our team will ensure that your business is always front and center when potential clients are looking for the types of delectable dishes you have to offer. Accurate listings also ensure that clients can always reach you when they are ready to make a reservation, ask a question, or explore your website.

• Create Video Tours & Professional Photos

Our industry-leading experts ensure that your delicious meals are displayed in an irresistibly virtual way, whether you want promote a new dish or drink or are simply looking to entice consumers to book a table. The result? Clients begin to associate your brand with the distinctive, high-quality, and delicious dining experience you have to offer.

• Manage Your Multi-Channel Social Media

More than 70 percent of Americans have a social media account, and 55 percent of consumers discover new businesses through social media. You want to be where your potential clients are, and that is social media.

Our social media professionals will develop and implement plans to build active communities across the social media channels that mean the most to your business. Platforms we can utilize include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

• Manage Your CRM Database

Personalized service along with incredible food is often what keeps customers coming back to your restaurant. A CRM can help you deliver this tailored dining experience by collecting detailed information on every guest in one easy to access location. See who visited you, how often they returned, what allergies or comments they have, and what other interactions that they have had with your business. You can even use your CRM to send out emails, text messages, and phone calls to encourage repeat business and promote sales and new dishes. When you choose MaaS, we can even help you set up your CRM database and manage it with insights, advice, and tools to help you make the most of it.

• Develop Email Marketing Campaigns

As one of the marketing approaches with the highest ROI, email marketing can boost your revenue and turn cold leads hot. MaaS can leverage these emails to promote events like live entertainment at your restaurant, let consumers know about new dishes or drinks, promote discounts, and target consumers who are looking for restaurants in your area. With MaaS, you can use emails to overcome objections, provide social proof, offer discounts, promote sales, educate your audiences, and let consumers know that you are an option in the restaurant market.

• Launch a Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail campaigns can deliver a high ROI because they are generally trusted by consumers and provide a unique way for consumers to remember and interact with your restaurant. MaaS can help you launch a direct mail campaign at your target audiences. Try sending out birthday postcards (and discounts), promote your loyalty program, send a gift certificate to new residents in the area, or celebrate your grand opening. Whatever you choose, your direct mail campaign will be vibrant, beautiful, branded, and unforgettable.

• Implement Search Engine Advertising

By running strategically placed ads on search engines, MaaS can boost your online visibility and drive conversions. Search engine advertising primarily involves paid ads on Google and Bing. These ads appear for certain search terms that relate to your business and sit at the top of the search results for maximum visibility.

• Implement Paid Social Media Advertising

Social media ads alert consumers to your business where they are spending time. Improved visibility for your business means improved leads and a better ROI. Through MaaS, advertising and social media experts leverage the power of social media to get visibility and engagement for your business with paid social media advertising.

Available on Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram, these ads appear alongside posts and videos to capture audience engagement. The best part? These ads can be targeted specifically to the customers you want to reach, so you can maximize your budget and drive your results up.

• Set Up Tracking & Analytics and Monitoring Reports

Track your websites, campaigns, QR codes and paid advertising through enterprise-level tools that break down information at a granular level. Once you have all the data about what is driving the growth of your brand, you can make intelligent decisions that drive growth and ROI.

Marketing-as-a-Service gives you a modern solution to your marketing, whether you are looking to fill gaps in your marketing or seeking the services of a full marketing department. With customization, attention, and tools, we can build the marketing presence that you have been dreaming of. Contact us for a FREE marketing strategy roadmap today.

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