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Customer Relationship Management

Engage and nurture leads throughout the sales funnel with our leading GoCRM software. By putting all of the information about every lead in one location, we make it easy to communicate intelligently, manage your marketing and sales effectively, and maximize your results with less work. That means you can save time and sell more with intuitive marketing automation and sales management tools.

Visualize Your Sales Pipeline

You can only control what you can see. Our customizable tools put all of your deals into one easy-to-use location. Get a birds’-eye view of your current pipeline and leads, or view the details of individual prospects. View leads by their position in the pipeline or by their anticipated future value. Use this information to make informed decisions about managing your leads so you can generate revenue and close deals more efficiently. Plus, our system allows you to enter or automatically generate leads as your marketing efforts begin to succeed.

Drag And Drop Your Updates

Leads change rapidly, so we created a system that allows you to move just as fast. Use our drag and drop features to adjust the position of leads in your sales pipeline, add products and features to current deals, and keep all of your information up to date for your sales teams, all with just a few clicks. It is time to stop working with outdated information and begin leveraging data to close deals fast.

Customize Stages

With GoCRM, there are no cookie cutter sales pipelines. Instead, we give you the tools to build pipelines customized to your industry and your business. That means you create sales processes that are efficient and informative for YOU and your sales team. Never deal with clunky processes again. Instead, take charge of your leads and your marketing. Use our tools to keep the sales pipeline flowing smoothly, for you and your leads.

Identify Stalled Deals

Never lose track of a lead again. With our detailed visuals into every lead in your pipeline, you can see when the last contact was with each lead, where prospects have stalled, and what is necessary to get them moving again. You can also stop wasting time and money on people who will never become paying customers. Our tools let you laser focus your efforts to create targeted and effective approaches to everyone in your pipeline.

Automate Sales and Marketing

It is time to take action on every lead in your pipeline with our automated tools. Build workflows that are as simple or as complex as you desire. Use them to connect with your prospects while you and your sales team devote time and resources to the most promising, and profitable, tasks for your business.

With MaaS for Business, You Can Get Even More Done in a Streamlined and Hassle-Free Way