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Creative Team Manager

Never be left in the dark again. Using our creative team manager tool, you can stay up to date and involved with all of the details of each of your campaigns. This is an easy way to communicate with your MaaS team, make special requests, track the work our team is doing on your behalf, and stay in the know any time of the day or night.

Work Manager

Use our work manager to request or manage your tasks. Here are just some of the ways in which you can leverage this custom tool to enhance your MaaS campaigns with CODESM: Brief in task requests for our team, see the progress of your tasks, add comments or information to guide our team, and place requests for projects as they come up.

Campaigns & Marketing Calendar

No more flying by the seat of your pants. Implement marketing plans based on quarterly goals or rely on our marketing calendars, then build them out with supporting projects or tasks. You can always update your plans and goals based on the data you receive about your campaigns’ performance.

Time Tracking & Work Log

Use our time tracker and work log to see exactly how much time we are spending on each stage of your tasks. You can also see how many hours are being billed to you, and where your money is being spent. That is total transparency for total confidence in our team and your marketing.

Client Portal

Our client portal is a custom-built tool designed to ease communication with our team. Anytime of the day or night, you can login and send messages to our team, make requests, track the progress of your tasks, leave feedback, review work, and more. Responsive and easy communication is a central part of your MaaS experience!

Brand Profiles

Maintain consistency in your marketing campaigns with our brand profiles. We help you capture the essence of your brand through established elements such as fonts, copy style, color, tone, templates, and references. That ensures that our team always embraces your look, your voice, and your unique selling points across every piece of marketing material we create.

Proofing System

Once the work is ready for you to look at, you can log into the client portal to review the work. View the pending task and leave the relevant feedback. That ensures that everything we create meets your expectations and standards. We are always happy to make changes as necessary!

Asset Management

We store all of your important assets for each task in our system. No more requesting access, weird downloads, or lost documents. Mockups, logos, ads, references, and more can be safely stored, where our team can access them and keep your marketing on brand and on point for every project.

Client-Facing Marketing Plans

We create customized marketing plans for your business. These include campaign deadlines, estimated hours, budgets, and marketing strategies. Beautifully presented and clearly articulated, they allow you to see exactly how we plan to build your business through MaaS. And of course, they are always based on your goals, audiences, and needs.

With MaaS for Business, You Can Get Even More Done in a Streamlined and Hassle-Free Way