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Analytics & Attribution

When making marketing decisions, you need hard data and actionable insights. Get them through our suite of analytics and attribution tools. We delve deep into each campaign’s performance so you can view your marketing success at a granular level. That makes it easier to move forward with marketing decisions that maximize results, and revenue, for your business.

Reports & Budgets

We regularly generate reports based on the analytics and attributions we see from your campaigns and let you easily set, and adjust budgets for each campaign. Our tools distill the granular details into contextualized looks at exactly how your marketing is performing. We even offer suggestions to improve your results moving forward, and help you tweak your budget to direct funds where they will have the most marketing impact.

Manage All Your Deals and Track Your Sales Pipeline

Use GoCRM to manage all of your leads with a comprehensive look into your sales pipeline. Automatic reporting and detailed insights allow you to see where every prospect is in your pipeline at a single glance. Use this information to analyze the viability of each lead, predict your overall profitability based on the leads in your pipeline, focus your sales and marketing efforts on the most promising leads, and more efficiently manage, and close, your deals.

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