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Villanueva Construction

Villanueva Construction chose CODESM because they needed a marketing partner who could support their aggressive approach to homebuilding with on-the-fly marketing and little guidance. Using our in-house technologies and expertise, we contributed to their award-winning success.

Unique Needs Lead To A Unique Approach

Villanueva Construction’s unique approach to home construction allows it to grow in the lowest tier of the market. This approach means that they must manage dozens more home construction projects than do regular custom home builders. To keep up, Villanueva needed a marketing partner who had the flexibility and the resources to develop custom marketing campaigns on the fly. That is why they rely on CODESM. We possess a unique marketing approach that enables us to deliver exceptional results with little guidance.

What is this approach? A full marketing team comprised of the brightest talent in every marketing and design field, years of experience in the home builder field, and a full suite of enterprise-level tools.

Enterprise-Level Tools

Being able to market effectively with little guidance and fast turnaround requires advanced tools. We used our suite of enterprise-level tools to create powerful online and print campaigns whenever Villanueva needed them, no matter how tight the deadline was. Our full marketing team was equipped to rapidly develop ads through tools that allowed them to coordinate their efforts and work on multiple aspects of a campaign simultaneously.

Video & Photography

Villanueva Construction is known for building beautiful custom homes at any price point. We leveraged their beautiful designs to create videos that showed their work in compelling ways. We also used photos of their homes to create compelling images. At a single glance, consumers could see what is possible with Villanueva Construction. That ability to quickly see Villanueva’s work encouraged consumers to choose Villanueva for their home building needs.

Website Design

We also updated Villanueva’s website with landing pages that integrated with all of their marketing campaigns. Skilled website development allowed Villanueva to confidently capture visitors’ attention, and their engagement, through their landing pages.

Client: Villanueva Construction