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Villa Homes

Villa Homes prides itself on walk-ing clients through every step of the homebuilding process to a custom home tailored to the client’s needs. They needed a marketing partner who could similarly walk them through the marketing process to create a campaign tailored to their needs. CODESM proved to be that partner, delivering a marketing campaign that was comprehensive and targeted.

Full Service Marketing

One marketing channel was not enough to earn attention from consumers who have many RGV homebuilders from which to choose. They needed to encounter Villa Homes through multiple touchpoints. That meant Villa Homes needed full service marketing, an agency that could handle every detail of every marketing campaign for them. They needed CODESM. Our full marketing team provided expertise for everything from social media posts to imagery to copywriting and videography. Access to an experienced professional for every task meant that Villa Homes could create impactful, strategic, and coordinated marketing campaigns across any marketing channel. Equipped with consistent, professional, and compelling marketing, Villa was able to get its message in front of target audiences, wherever they happened to be spending their time.

Print Marketing

One arm of our full-service marketing was print materials. These materials provided an easy way to get information about Villa Homes into the hands of consumers, who could take the materials home and be reminded of the benefits of choosing Villa as their homebuilder.

We created these printed materials to communicate Villa Home’s unique qualities at a single glance. This meant using warm images and photos of clients to communicate Villa’s personal touch and skill at crafting desirable family homes.

In addition, we created copy that used strong calls to action and branded language (such as “Exceeding Expectations”) to communicate Villa’s values quickly. Together, images and messaging created a powerful printed brochure, pamphlet or sign to en-courage consumers to act.

All of our digital marketing efforts for Villa focused on creating the same branded appearance and. messaging as appeared on their printed materials. This consistency communicated trustworthiness to consumers and strengthened Villa’s brand.

At the heart of our digital marketing was Villa’s website. With landing pages for each campaign and branding throughout, it served as a place where people could learn more and engage.

Digital Marketing

The second arm of our full service marketing campaign was digital marketing. This campaign delivered expertly crafted advertising through online channels, including social media, paid ads, display ads, and more. Part of our digital marketing efforts included building a strong social media presence. Consistently posting images and text about Villa Homes’ newly completed projects, or congratulating new clients over Facebook, demonstrated the company’s ability and success.

Imagery & Videography

We relied on our experts in graphic design and videography to deliver the powerful images necessary to really communicate Villa Homes’ skill and commitment to quality. Beautiful images of completed homes, and tours of the inside of homes allowed consumers to feel as if they were really inside a Villa Home. These tools created the experience of quality, luxury, and custom design that Villa Homes wanted to communicate to its customers.

Client: Villa Homes