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Villa Del Sol Construction

Villa Del Sol prides itself on affordable, quality, family-oriented homes. In order to establish its unique branding in the crowded construction market, they rely on CODESM to craft an omnichannel approach to their marketing. The result? Measurable improvements in the event and social media responses and more qualified leads.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing played a central role in our approach for Villa Del Sol. We targeted their ideal audiences through a mix of social media ads and a vibrantly designed and branded website. By promoting important selling points online, such as $0 down, reliable craftsmanship, and an emphasis on home, we digitally targeted families and individuals who value the benefits Villa Del Sol has to offer.

Website Design

We used Villa Del Sol’s website as a way to visually showcase the quality of their work and the uniqueness of their brand. Its powerful messaging and images, when integrated with Villa Del Sol’s other marketing efforts, provided a compelling way to encourage engagement from potential homebuilders.

Print Design

We enhanced our digital approach to Villa Del Sol’s marketing campaign with an array of print materials designed to communicate the one-of-a-kind value they offer clients. We created powerfully written and compellingly designed brochures, flyers, and other print materials that immediately communicated Villa Del Sol’s brand and latest offers. Concise text focused on the company’s most compelling features. Powerful images of Villa Del Sol’s work created materials that unmistakably demonstrated their ability to complete superior home builds.

We focused on making all of these materials easily digestible. We wanted potential clients to understand what Villa Del Sol had to offer at a glance. That is why we focused on bold designs and powerful text that told Villa Del Sol’s story in a matter of moments.

Tangible Results

Our tailored approach across digital and print channels yielded measurable results for Villa Del Sol. They saw an increase in attendance at open houses, as visitors were drawn to their beautiful builds and promise of customized and affordable family homes. They also saw an increase in leads, and conversions, as they reached their target audiences with messaging and branding that resonated. Our marketing approach helps to keep them a thriving home construction business in the South Texas area.

Client: Villa Del Sol Construction