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UR Home

UR Home’s design-build houses and focus on efficient homebuilding for every stage of life set them apart in the construction market. They hired CODESM to create a cohesive marketing campaign that took advantage of those unique qualities to earn them more leads and conversions.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing strategy for UR home focused on creating a vibrant social media presence, social media ads, and paid ads to reach consumers where they pre-ferred to spend their time. We used our full marketing team to combine crisp images and compelling copy. The result was a set of colorful ads and social media posts that showcased UR Home’s many design offerings.

Print Marketing

In addition to our digital marketing campaigns, we created a set of vibrant print materials to showcase UR Home’s convenient design collections. These print materials were intended for use at open houses and other events, where getting tangible, branded, and informative material into potential clients’ hands could be the difference between making and losing a sale.

These materials matched our digital marketing materials in both branding and messaging. Our expert graphic designers also used beautiful images of UR Home’s many designs to capture consumers’ attention at a single glance.

These print materials combined high-quality images with a focused copy that communicated UR Home’s brand values and offerings immediately.

Website Design

Our integrated marketing campaign included a website that was designed to engage any leads that came to the site through their mar-keting campaigns. Landing pages allowed UR Home to nurture leads and communicate trustworthiness to consumers, while detailed infor-mation about the company’s design collections and offerings. With the same messaging and branding as the rest of their campaigns, the website serves as a persuasive reflection of the UR Home brand.

Client: UR Home