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University Health System

In partnership with CODESM, University Health System (UHS) bridged the gap between digital and traditional marketing and saw their cost per lead plummet from $400 to $80. What was our secret? We managed a 5-figure monthly budget to implement a new look and emphasize a human touch.

Digital Marketing

We used a cross-channel digital marketing approach to communicate a human touch through relatable campaigns. Each campaign focused on individual pain points and how UHS could help.

Our message spanned Google ads, Facebook ads, new website landing pages, and analytics & tracking to stay on top of how every ad performed so we could keep improving.

Tangible Results

These digital marketing efforts led to tangible results. Over the course of the campaign, UHS saw its cost per lead drop from $400 to $80.

The bottom line wasn’t the only thing that improved. Communication, trust, and engagement from target audiences, who saw UHS as the compassionate and expert healthcare provider they are, also grew thanks to our effective marketing campaigns.

Print Design

We complemented our digital campaigns with traditional print marketing efforts. Every piece of printed material reflected UHS’ current values and the new look that was also online.

Throughout our print campaigns, whether creating signage, direct mail, or promotions for events like the Medical Miracles Gala, we emphasized the history and tradition of UHS and added a human touch.

These efforts made UHS more relatable to both internal and external clients and contributed to tangible results.

Website Design

In order to link UHS’ website to its new marketing, we created a new website landing page for every campaign.

These landing pages used the same consistent approach that we used across UHS’ marketing to deliver a unified look and feel.

By creating new landing pages, we also provided UHS with a way to accurately track the success of each marketing effort, adjust their efforts as needed, and see their cost per lead drop over time.

Client: University Health System