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Trevino Construction

Trevino’s distinctive luxury designs and personalized building process set them apart from other home builders. They chose CODESM as their marketing partner because of our full marketing team and enterprise-level tools that featured these unique qualities in a compelling way across marketing channels.

Digital Marketing

We marketed Trevino online across a number of channels that were frequently used by their target audiences. These channels included social media, social media ads, Google Ads, and display ads.

We kept these ads consistent with each other and with Trevino’s brand by using graphic design artists, marketing professionals, copywriters, and other experts from our team to deliver finished products that accurately reflected Trevino’s brand and marketing approach.

Print Marketing

Trevino also needed us to develop a line of printed materials that reflected their personalized luxury homes. We delivered, producing signage, booklets, and pamphlets that communicated Trevino’s brand at a single glance.

We relied on our professional graphic designers to showcase Trevino’s gorgeous home designs front and center on every piece of printed material in order to capture the eye of potential clients who wanted innovation and luxury in their custom homes. We relied on strong messaging to immediately communicate Trevino’s core branding values in a powerful and concise way.

Distinctive Branding

Trevino’s innovative designs and personalized approach to luxury home building required a distinctive approach to their branding. We created a campaign that placed those one-of-a-kind features front and center, in order to set Trevino apart and appeal to their desired audiences. The result was a powerful online and print presence that created qualified leads and conversions for the luxury homebuilder.

Website Design

In addition to online and print mar-keting, we turned Trevino’s website into a marketing powerhouse. The site served as a location for landing pages for each of their digital marketing campaigns, and served as a location where consumers could learn more about Trevino’s approach to homebuilding. Thanks to consistent branding across the website and other marketing efforts, we delivered a cohesive experience that won consumers’ trust, and business.

Client: Trevino Construction