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Case Study

Teacher Builder

How an online teaching certification program positioned itself as unique in the market.


Teacher Builder’s online alternative teaching certification program offers aspiring teachers an efficient and convenient way of preparing for their careers. The program chose CODESM to market them in a way that showcased their distinct advantages. Through a multi-channel marketing approach, CODESM captured Teacher Builder’s unique selling points (USPs) and boosted engagement with their brand.

The Challenge

Teacher Builder offered a fast, efficient, and flexible online way to get teaching certified in Texas, but needed a way to demonstrate how they stood out from other certification programs. They wanted to highlight the 24/7/365 convenience, supportive approach, and flexible options available to their students in a way that was compelling and cohesive. In order to achieve this goal, they turned to the modern marketing experts at CODESM.

The Approach

CODESM’s solution was to create a multi channel marketing approach that focused on Teacher Builder’s USPs. This approach began by reworking their website. CODESM’s talented graphic designers and web development team put together a site that accurately conveyed Teacher Builder’s brand and was optimized for conversions. Once the website was in place, CODESM also took over Teacher Builder’s social media accounts. By creating an active presence, CODESM was able to cultivate a loyal following and educate audiences on the Teacher Builder brand. A search engine optimization (SEO) campaign that delivered content based on specific keywords also gave Teacher Builder a way to educate audiences and stay top-of-mind for relevant searches. In order to complement these approaches, CODESM supported print ads for Teacher Builder, email newsletters, videos, and even a billboard. The result of this thoughtful and multi-faceted approach was more engagement, leads, and happy students for the client.

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Teacher Builder expanded their online presence and achieved better growth.

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CODESM’s work with Teacher Builder resulted in improved brand awareness among their target audiences. As a result, Teacher Builder was able to achieve their growth goals with a marketing campaign designed and implemented specifically with them in mind.