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Saint James School of Medicine

Enticing students to trade Caribbean shores for South Texan scrubs

With the Saint James School of Medicine based in the Caribbean, it can be hard to convince students to leave. But seeing as student rotations in the U.S. are a requirement, medical students need to trade in the shores for scrubs. When they do, the school strives to provide accurate information not only on the clinical facilities but also the area. Together, we created three promotional videos to showcase the Saint James School of Medicine South Texas campus. 

The Challenge:

As a top accredited medical school, Saint James School of Medicine has a strong established network of U.S. hospitals and clinical institutions. Unfortunately, some areas are better known than others. Often, the misinterpretation of South Texas overshadows the educational benefits of the clinical facilities. The medical school wanted to entice more students to consider this area for their rotations and create evergreen promotional content. They approached CODESM to support their marketing department with this objective.

The Solution:

Our approach was a proactive one. We asked crucial questions about our target audience. What do medical students really care about? What’s stopping them from choosing the South Texas campus? Are there others like them who can share their experiences in the area?

With insight into the audience, we decided on a three-part promotional video series to promote South Texas to prospective students, address any potential concerns they may have, and proactively answer their questions about student life.

The Execution:

Because the client wanted evergreen content, we structured each video to fit the flow of the series narrative as well as to function as a standalone piece. The scripts, storyboards, interviews, and filming followed this sequence:

Video 1: The Rio Grande Valley

The Rio Grande Valley as a location

Showcase: Appealing aspects and what to expect.

When you’re considering locations for your continued medical education, quality matters. Not only should you strive to seek superior education standards, but also a location that offers quality of life. With an ideal location 70 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, robust hospital system, and plentiful activities for nature and fun-lovers alike, the Saint James Medical School South Texas campus gives you everything you need to truly thrive.

Video 2: Medical Opportunities

Educational Opportunities 

Showcase: IMG friendly program, top physicians, medical infrastructure, and opportunities.

The Saint James School of Medicine South Texas campus boasts a faculty of top physicians, all with an MD, a Ph.D., or both. The hospital system is one of the school’s highest quality clinical sites and there is a significant focus on prestigious education in competitive specialties such as pediatrics or orthopedics. With an IMG-friendly program and low student-to-faculty ratio, here you will receive the quality education and necessary support for an empowered move into residency.

Video 3: Student Life

Student life in the Rio Grande Valley

Showcase: Rotations and the student experience.

Getting around, social and study amenities, class sizes, and student life in South Texas: what can you expect? The Rio Grande Valley offers the perfect balance between study and social, with student amenities and local infrastructure that make student life truly enjoyable. This is a more in-depth look at what your day-to-day will look like and what the individual experiences of existing students have been.

Despite strict Covid-19 protocols that limited the access of our filming team, CODESM still captured original footage inside hospitals and was able to successfully create the video series. We also identified additional opportunities for the raw footage – including profile features on top physicians or student success stories.