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Pristine Family Dentistry wanted a marketing approach that communicated its family-friendly services to target audiences through a mix of online and traditional marketing. CODESM delivered on this approach with a coordinated marketing team and focus on unified messaging and imagery.

Digital Campaigns

The first prong of our two-pronged approach to Pristine’s marketing was digital marketing. We pursued every online channel where Pristine’s target audiences spent time, including social media, Google Ads, and display ads.

Our goal was to communicate Pristine’s affordable, family-friendly, and flexible dental services through visually appealing online ads. We also took over the management of Pristine’s social media accounts. By implementing a long-term social media strategy, tracking their social media performance, and integrating all social media posts with the overarching campaign, we were able to create a strong online presence for Pristine.

Print Campaigns

The second prong of our strategy for Pristine was print marketing. We completed a wide range of print projects, including brochures, direct mail pieces, newsletters, and signage.

Our goal with these materials was to remain faithful to Pristine’s branding and build their reputation with clear, compelling, and visually interesting materials. By focusing on family-friendly images and carefully crafted text, we hoped to encourage individuals to pick up and read the materials to learn more about Pristine. Thanks to our coordinated marketing team and careful marketing planning, we were able to integrate these materials into a cohesive and powerful marketing campaign.

Storytelling Imagery

Pristine emphasizes family-friendly, flexible, and affordable dentistry. We wanted those elements to be clear at a single glance in all of their marketing efforts.

To that end, we dispensed with traditional dentistry images. Instead, we used compelling imagery across all marketing channels to tell the Pristine story at a glance. The right images in the hands of our photography and graphic design experts allowed us to convey a warm, approachable, and friendly feeling that encouraged consumers to learn more.

Website Design

Pristine’s marketing would not have been complete without an integrated website design. In order to better retain visitors who came to the site through our marketing efforts, we created landing pages specific to each campaign. These branded landing pages boasted the same language and imagery as the advertisements and used clear calls to action to encourage visitors to engage further.

Client: Pristine