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Pinpoint Construction

PinPoint turned to CODESM for assistance with crafting an integrated marketing campaign that communicated their distinctive qualities to discerning consumers who have many choices in the homebuilding market. Our integrated campaign delivered, with clear messaging across every medium.

Focused Messaging

The homebuilding market in the RGV is very crowded. Without clear messaging, PinPoint would lose its opportunity to win new clients. In order to ensure that consumers understood the difference between PinPoint and other homebuilders, we first used images of their distinctive luxury home. These images, in the hands of our experienced graphic designers, immediately communicated the difference in quality and design offered by PinPoint.

We complemented these images with compelling messaging that focused on the client’s role in design (i..e Designed by You) and PinPoint’s comprehensive services. These messages highlighted PinPoint’s customer-centric approach and gave consumers a way to distinguish them from the competition.

Digital Marketing

With so many home builders on the market, we focused on getting PinPoint in front of their target demographic through strategic digital marketing efforts.

These efforts included nurturing a vibrant social media community that high-lighted PinPoint’s elegant luxury designs and commitment to building according to their clients’ specifications.

In addition, we crafted paid ads targeted toward PinPoint’s desired demo-graphics. These ads appeared wherever potential clients were searching for homebuilders in order to put PinPoint top of mind.

Print Materials

In addition to digital marketing, we created a slew of print materials to promote PinPoint Construction in a tangible way. These materials included signage, brochures, and pamphlets that PinPoint could place in their offices and use in open houses and in other applications.

Website Design

The focal point of our marketing efforts was PinPoint’s website. As the place where almost every lead and potential client landed, the website needed to accurately and compellingly capture PinPoint’s brand and benefits. To that end, we crafted powerful landing pages for each campaign effort and integrated messaging, branding, and imagery that matched what we used across every other marketing effort.

Client: Pinpoint Construction