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Liongate Builders

In an industry often focused solely on the home itself, Liongate Builders wanted to stand out because of its focus on the client. They hired CODESM to craft a brand and a marketing campaign that communicated their relationship-driven approach to superior homebuilding.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

In order to reach Liongate’s target audiences where they spent their time, we crafted a multi-channel digital marketing campaign. This campaign included a strong social media presence, paid ads, and a website upgrade. We crafted social media posts, including videos, open house announcements, and general branding posts, to build strong relationships with potential and current clients. This social media presence was enhanced by paid ads, including video ads, that highlighted Liongate’s finished products and unique branding points. By focusing messaging on Liongate’s unique commitment to personalized attention, and by creating visuals that featured finished products and virtual house tours, we maximized the appeal of Liongate’s online presence.

Print Design

We used print materials to physically put Liongate’s brand and messaging in the hands of potential clients. These beautiful flyers and brochures featured Liongate’s finished products. Our print marketing and graphic design experts crafted visually appealing designs that deliberately resonated with Liongate’s target audiences. Immediate ap-peal and useful information combined into winsome printed products that Liongate could use at open houses and other appli-cations. We created these print materials to be consistent with Liongate’s online efforts and website. Our ability to integrate every aspect of their marketing enabled them to create a powerful brand that was instantly recognizable by potential clients.

Video Production

We allowed Liongate’s work to speak for itself in powerful videos that we used in social media and paid ads. We crafted virtual tours and powerful images of Liongate’s finished properties to communicate their brand and messaging in an unforgettably visual way. Our ability to use an entire marketing team on an integrated marketing campaign meant that we could use our videographer’s skill to craft videos that were compelling and consistent with the rest of Liongate’s campaign.

Website Design

Liongate’s website served as a foundation for the rest of their marketing efforts. It featured Liongate’s relationship-driven approach to homebuilding and compelling photos of their finished products. Together, the branding and messaging communicated the company’s commitment to building quality relationships and superior houses. The website aligned with the rest of Liongate’s marketing efforts, and made it easier for potential clients to see Liongate as a builder they could trust.

Client: Liongate Builders