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Case Study

Imelda Treviño

How a real estate agency in the Valley created a powerful brand.


In order to build out the brand of her real estate agency, Imelda Treviño turned to the marketing experts at CODESM. By creating a logo, website, social media strategy, and other materials around her unique values, CODESM crafted a strong brand foundation upon which she could build her future marketing campaigns.

The Challenge

CODESM’s challenge was to create a compelling, one-of-a-kind brand that would allow Imelda Treviño’s real estate agency to stand out in the RGV’s crowded real estate field. Consistency in look and messaging and faithfulness to the agency’s core values were essential elements to capture throughout every piece of this marketing project.

The Approach

CODESM’s solution was to create a cohesive messaging strategy that identified Treviño’s unique selling points (USPs) and created a structure for their brand. Using this messaging strategy, CODESM created a compelling logo and a beautiful, conversion-driven website that could serve as a landing place for all of their marketing efforts.

In addition, CODESM used the messaging strategy, logo, and brand to create beautiful stationery and a social media plan that prepared them to build a strong following. These tools equipped the real estate agency to capture potential clients’ attention and to create ongoing outreach to their target audiences.

Integrated Marketing & Branding

Have unified branding and messaging across all channels and platforms.

Social Media Management

Create and run effective ads tailored to each unique social channel and target audience.

Graphic Design

From digital ads to websites, present a professional image with sleek and professional designs.

Website Design & Development

Build the kind of website your business deserves with the aim on optimal conversions.


Imelda Treviño developed her brand and presence in the RGV.

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CODESM’s work with Imelda Treviño led to a creative and compelling brand that accurately represented the client’s real estate agency. As a result, the client was able to enjoy a successful launch and a powerful online presence.