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Hosanna Construction

Marketing for home builders is one of the core strengths of CODESM. Hosanna Construction was a new company that used our expertise to realize a 20X increase in the leads they enjoyed. We used a limited budget, highly targeted efforts, and a unique approach to generate tangible results that established Hosanna Construction on a firm marketing foundation.

A-Z Marketing

Our work with Hosanna Construction highlighted our unique ability to deliver results from A-Z while teaming up with clients and forging lasting relationships. We are not limited to a single aspect of marketing, like branding or sales. For Hosanna Construction, we delivered on ev-ery aspect of marketing, from strategy and planning to branding, website design, and SEO, all while building a meaningful and ongoing relationship with the company.


Central to our role in creating Hosanna’s marketing strategy was the development of their brand. We needed to take the brand from the drawing board, bring it to life through effective marketing campaigns, and deliver results in the company profit statement.

We were able to deliver, impressively, thanks to our coordinated marketing team and expertise. By drawing out the qualities that make Hosanna Construction unique, and emphasizing those qualities through effective ads, we were able to create, and market, a powerful brand that earned attention, leads, and sales.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Our A-Z marketing for Hosanna Construction included a cross-channel strategy that incorporated both online and offline marketing efforts. Online efforts included creating a branded website and landing pages integrated with online campaigns, search marketing, social media marketing, blogs, and more.

Offline marketing efforts included video, sales collateral, print materials, and signage. We oversaw all of these projects, from inception to completion, and provided detailed tracking & analytics to evaluate their performance and track results.

Website Design

We used Hosanna Construction’s brand to create a website that was consistent with all of our other marketing efforts. The website communicated this brand at a glance. Thanks to its clear messaging and beautiful graphics, the website encouraged visitors to stay and learn more about Hosanna Construction. The website visually demonstrated Hosanna’s ability to create custom homes defined by quality craftsmanship.

Client: Hosanna Construction