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Guzman Construction

Guzman Construction wanted its marketing audiences to feel the greatness of its customer service and custom home construction. They turned to CODESM to help them develop marketing messages and graphics that communicated their uniqueness at a single glance. We delivered, with a seamlessly integrated campaign that allowed the greatness of Guzman to stand out.

Digital Marketing

One of the central elements of our approach for Guzman was a digital marketing campaign that integrated multiple online channels into a single effort. We utilized everything from paid ads to social media ads and social media posts to communicate Guzman’s uniqueness through words, images, and videos.

To that end, our digital marketing utilized warm images of beautiful homes and satisfied families enjoying high-quality residences. These images evoked the feelings of greatness, comfort, quality, and home that Guzman wanted its customers to feel from their customer-focused service.

In addition, our online messaging focused on Guzman’s special features, such as no construction loan and the ability to purchase a custom home along with lot.

Print Design

In addition to a cohesive digital marketing campaign, we created powerful print materials designed to educate and engage potential homebuilders for Guzman. These materials included flyers, brochures, booklets, and other informational materials that highlighted Guzman’s uniqueness and services in a physical format.

Our goal with Guzman’s print materials was to integrate the same branding, images, and messaging that appeared online into printed items that potential customers could carry with them, keep, and refer to.

To that end, these materials used the same powerful imagery that appeared online, along with complementary messaging in keeping with Guzman’s brand.

Integrated Marketing

Our focus on integrated marketing ensured that consumers received the same messaging no matter where they encountered Guzman. With a consistent message and imagery, Guzman communicated a sense of trust-worthiness to its consumers. They knew they could trust Guzman to live up to its commitment to provide great service and create superior and high-quality custom homes.

Website Design

We used Guzman’s website as the anchor point for their marketing campaigns. Digital and print efforts directed potential homebuilders to the site. We ensured that their website remained consistent with the rest of their marketing and that it encouraged visitors to stay, learn more, and ultimately engage with Guzman. Strong branding, messaging, and graphics created a powerful marketing tool that drove leads and conversions.

Client: Guzman Construction