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Case Study

Greater McAllen Association of Realtors

How an association of realtors in the Valley built a strong reputation throughout the Rio Grande Valley.


The Greater McAllen Association of Realtors (GMAR) is a prominent realtor association in the Rio Grande Valley. In order to communicate effectively with their members and others throughout the Valley, they used CODESM’s Marketing-as-a-Service approach and professional marketing team across several marketing channels.

The Challenge

GMAR needed a marketing partner who could help them build a vibrant social media presence, branded printed materials and other marketing approaches to communicate their values to their target audiences. With that goal in mind, they turned to CODESM for an approach that was comprehensive and focused on GMAR’s brand and goals.

The Approach

CODESM’s approach was to take over GMAR’s social media accounts in order to build a strong social media following. Through consistent, branded, and engaging posts, CODESM was able to grow their following on Facebook and thereby build their brand reputation.

In addition, CODESM created multiple print materials to promote certain events, and used strong visuals and copy to generate interest around these happenings. As a result, CODESM was able to assist GMAR in becoming well-known throughout the Valley.

Video Marketing

We create interesting, informative, and engaging video marketing campaigns to increase engagement, leads, and conversions.

Reputation Management

Control and influence your reputation across social channels and online pages.

Marketing Strategy & Plans

Develop a marketing strategy that connects you with potential customers and gets them to take action.

Social Media Management

Create and run effective ads tailored to each unique social channel and target audience.

Communication Strategy

Communication Strategy

Develop a tailored brand voice, messaging, and communication strategy based on when and how your target audience will respond the best.

Graphic Design

From digital ads to websites, present a professional image with sleek and professional designs.

Commercial Photography

Capture the attention of your target audience with professional photography and re-touching services.


GMAR expanded their presence and impact in the RGV real estate field.

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  • Social Media
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  • Video


Since beginning work with GMAR, CODESM was able to grow enrollment in its university, build its base of realtors, and grow its brand awareness.