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Dr. Fernando Otero

Healthcare marketing is a tricky niche that requires expertise and HIPAA compliant solutions to succeed. CODESM was up for the challenge when Dr. Fernando Otero needed us to execute their brand from scratch. We used our expertise with other doctors and clinics to deliver a patient-centric solution that abided by HIPPA and local regulations.

Digital and Print Campaigns

Our execution of Dr. Otero’s brand included both digital marketing and print design. We provided development of the website, social media management, and paid ad campaigns. All of these efforts focused on a branded look and messaging based on a marketing plan and strategy we developed.

We also delivered their printed branding set to deliver to patients and internal stakeholders. The seamless integration of these efforts resulted in a cohesive and compelling brand that got results we were able to track with our enterprise-level tracking & analytics tools.

Enterprise-Level Tools

Our enterprise-level tools also included access to our custom CRM. In a demonstration of that tool’s flexibility, we were able to adapt it to also serve as a booking system.

Client: Dr. Fernando Otero