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Brito Construction

Brito Construction prides itself on creating beautiful, cost-effective homes defined by their more than 25 years of experience. They needed a marketing partner who could communicate those values in a way that set them apart from other competitors in the area. They chose CODESM to deliver an integrated approach that catered to their unique needs.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

We began our marketing campaign for Brito with digital marketing efforts focused on the channels their target audiences used the most. In particular, we focused on creating beautiful, branded social media posts and ads that placed Brito’s uniquely appealing sense of style in front of potential home builders.

Images and videos of Brito’s finished homes were complemented by minimal, but powerful, text to get and keep consumers’ attention. Listing prices, new home opportunities, and appealing offers, such as owner financing, add-ed to the effectiveness of Brito’s online presence.

Print Design

We didn’t just want potential homebuilders to encounter Brito online. We also wanted to put physical, printed materials in their hands so they could keep Brito’s branding top of mind. To that end, we created an array of informative printed materials, including brochures, pamphlets, and booklets.

We used our skilled graphic designers to create a look that stood out from the many other homebuilder print materials available to consumers. Its sleek look and warm colors created the same beautiful experience that Brito delivers to its clients through its custom homes.

Website Design

Brito’s digital and print marketing campaigns required an online space where interested consumers could learn more. That space was their website, which we designed to match the rest of their marketing campaigns. From their distinctively elegant brand colors to their clear messaging and powerful graphics, their website meshed with their brand and with the rest of their marketing. As a result, their website became a marketing powerhouse, attracting visitors and converting them into leads.

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