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Case Study

Big Realty

How a real estate agency in the Rio Grande Valley developed a robust online presence


When Big Realty wanted to capture the attention of the RGV through online means, they turned to CODESM’s experienced marketing team for help. CODESM’s implementation of a wide variety of ads, social media, and blogs helped to differentiate Big Realty from the competition and garner them the online traction they needed to reach their business goals.

The Challenge

Big Realty had big plans to offer their real estate services in the greater McAllen area, but they needed to improve their online presence in order to get the attention of their target audiences. Navigating multiple online channels and delivering a consistent, branded message were essential to their online success. In order to achieve their goals, they chose CODESM’s Marketing-as-a-Service approach.

The Approach

CODESM’s solution was to leverage a number of online marketing approaches to build a robust online presence. For example, CODESM implemented a number of social media ads targeted to Big Realty’s preferred audiences and set to appear on the social media platforms that these audiences used most. In addition, CODESM managed their social media accounts in order to generate a strong following and spread brand awareness. CODESM also created blogs designed around carefully researched keywords in order to both educate potential clients and boost Big Realty’s presence in the search results. Additional approaches, such as creating a set of branded keychains, worked together with these online initiatives to make Big Realty top-of-mind for potential clients.

Integrated Marketing & Branding

Have unified branding and messaging across all channels and platforms.

Search Engine PPC Ads

Discover the breathtaking power of our professional PPC ad services and begin to imagine how your business could thrive.

Video Marketing

We create interesting, informative, and engaging video marketing campaigns to increase engagement, leads, and conversions.

Social Media Advertising

Build visibility for your brand with paid advertising across your preferred social media channels.


Broadcast your brand intelligently and clearly with billboards that compel large audiences with a simple message.

Marketing Automation

Generate, nurture, and convert leads around the clock while freeing you up to focus on the most important tasks on your schedule.

Reputation Management

Control and influence your reputation across social channels and online pages.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Push high-quality traffic further down the conversion funnel.

Enterprise-level Analytics

Make use of in-depth data and analytics to better understand your customer, make strategic decisions, and optimize every aspect of your marketing.

Print Fullfilment & Coordination

Print fulfillment and coordination services designed to produce crisp, vibrant, and effective print communications that will help your business shine.

Marketing Strategy & Plans

Develop a marketing strategy that connects you with potential customers and gets them to take action.

Media Planning & Placement

Reach your audience at the right time and in the right place.

Tailored Solutions & Targeting

Tailored Solutions & Targeting

Enjoy a flexible partnership that offers as many or as few services as you need.

Social Media Management

Create and run effective ads tailored to each unique social channel and target audience.

Communication Strategy

Communication Strategy

Develop a tailored brand voice, messaging, and communication strategy based on when and how your target audience will respond the best.

Content Planning

Create a content plan tailored to reach the right audience, effectively position your brand, and encourage readers to take action.

Graphic Design

From digital ads to websites, present a professional image with sleek and professional designs.

Website Design & Development

Build the kind of website your business deserves with the aim on optimal conversions.

Direct Mail Marketing

Incorporate traditional marketing methods to reach your target audience in the most effective channels.

Search Engine Optimization

Use powerful Google Ads to reach people who are searching for your product or service.

Content Creation

Deliver powerful, branded content that consumers will want to read.

Commercial Photography

Capture the attention of your target audience with professional photography and re-touching services.

Traditional Marketing

From direct mail to print campaigns, fortify your digital marketing with traditional marketing.

Conversion Optimization

Push high-quality traffic further down the conversion funnel.

Email Marketing

Send out strategic email sequences to remain top of mind, increase customer retention, and drive more sales.

Lead Generation & Tracking

Attract leads by means of different campaigns and channels, then track the entire lead journey to optimize lead generation and conversions.


Big Realty expanded its online presence and brand awareness.

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CODESM’s work with Big Realty supported expansion of their brand awareness and generated more leads and clients. With a robust online presence, Big Realty was also able to stand out from the competition and articulate their unique and desirable differences to their target audiences.