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Codesm Welcomes Maggie Joanna Roodt as Managing Director

Codesm Welcomes Maggie Joanna Roodt as Managing Director

Codesm is excited to announce a pivotal leadership change as we promote Maggie Joanna Roodt to the position of Managing Director. Maggie, who has been an integral part of the Codesm family for over two years, now takes on this new role to drive the company’s future growth and innovation.

Maggie’s journey with Codesm started with a singular freelance project, which eventually turned into a long-term relationship. She then joined Codesm on a full-time basis as Chief Copywriter. Over the course of her time with Codesm, she has played a crucial role in shaping the company’s creative direction, content strategies, and client relationships.

Over A Decade of Experience

With an early background in journalism and over a decade of experience in marketing and advertising, Maggie brings a wealth of knowledge to her new position. Having worked with various US-based marketing agencies, she has an in-depth understanding of the marketplace and consumer behavior.

She has also worked on brands like Samsung and McDonald’s, further honing her talent for creative, results-driven campaigns. Maggie executes work with a particular interest in using data and analytics to optimize marketing strategies from copywriting to retargeting. Outside of the office, she enjoys distance swimming and is passionate about ocean conservation and refugee support.

An Exciting Change for Codesm Clients

This move reflects not only our commitment to nurturing talent within the organization but also our commitment to our clients. Maggie has served our 50+ clients with the utmost dedication and we are confident that this position will allow her to leverage her extensive expertise to drive even more ROI for our clients. 

As Managing Director, Maggie will continue to build on Codesm’s growth, fostering a culture of creativity and innovation while delivering exceptional results for clients. Her proven track record and deep understanding of the industry make her the ideal leader to guide Codesm into an exciting new era. 

Join us in congratulating Maggie Joanna Roodt on her well-deserved promotion to Managing Director.


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